Curious cows, horses, and dogs

I think the dog in the video knew what she was doing. After the black cow becomes startled, Lucy lies down and the cows (or steers more likely; can’t tell from the video) relax and come closer. Our boxer, Basie, used to do the same thing with small dogs who were afraid of her. But in the photo below, she stood quietly to sniff noses with the horses, who weren’t a bit afraid but eager to make her acquaintance.

dog and horses

Basie meets new friends, October 2002.


2 thoughts on “Curious cows, horses, and dogs

  1. relativelyfrank

    great film! thank you. What great response from your dog! We have a border ‘spollie’ (collie/spaniel!) and cows have plodded along behind us on occasion looking very intent (and big!) Sadly being a bit excitable, I think she got nervous and barked at them, so we kept our distance. Lovely footage


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