The finest qualities of our nature (Walden 5)

2013-04-28 019_2sThe finest qualities of our nature,

like the bloom on fruits,

can be preserved only by the most

delicate handling.

Yet we do not treat ourselves

nor one another

thus tenderly.

— Henry David Thoreau, “Economy,” Walden

(Thoreau wrote poetry as a younger man before focusing almost exclusively on his essays. To me, he never ceased to be poet, and so, now and then throughout this project, I’ll set some of his quotes in stanzas so they can be read as little poems.)

(About  “A Year in Walden”)


2 thoughts on “The finest qualities of our nature (Walden 5)

  1. Brad

    This is a nice way to represent what he wrote, and your breaks seem very natural. Was it a difficult decision at all to decide how to break the prose into stanzas?


    1. thecuriouspeople Post author

      Thanks! I played around with it some but it wasn’t too difficult. I knew I wanted very short lines to slow down the reading and tried to do this in places where there’d be a slight natural pause when the words are spoken, or just to emphasize certain words. Or maybe that’s an after-the-fact explanation. It was done mostly by feel; I’m sure there are many other ways the words could be arranged on the page.


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