A person thinking or working is always alone (Walden 94)

A man thinking

or working is always


let him be

where he will.

Solitude is not

measured by the miles

of space that intervene


a man and his fellows.

—Henry David Thoreau, “Solitude,” Walden

(About  “A Year in Walden”)


4 thoughts on “A person thinking or working is always alone (Walden 94)

  1. buddy71

    being alone is a state of mind. for a person can be alone in a room filled with people. can we really have solitude? thoreau went to walden pond to be alone, yet he was surrounded by life and this was evidenced by his observations.

  2. Tim King

    Previous to this line, Henry also wrote “I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” – Ironically, I first stumbled across this statement in a print ad for a pickup truck !! Lo and behold, thanks to Google and ebay – here it is !! Wow. http://goo.gl/89y4n8 – I may still have the ad in a file folder somewhere too 🙂 However, I do remember taking scissors to cut off the bottom half of the ad so that it only showed Henry’s words floating through the trees. The 96 Chevy Tahoe was likely bigger then Thoreau’s cabin in Walden.

    1. thecuriouspeople Post author

      Wow. Just wow. I would love to hear what Thoreau would say about that. I guess it shows that consumer culture will make use of anything, co-opt anyone into their cause.

      Thanks for sharing, Tim. The irony here is so big, you’d need… well, you’d need a big damn truck with which to haul it, apparently.


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