On the water after dark (Walden 125)

Holmes Lake, Nebraska, at sunset

Holmes Lake, Nebraska, at sunset

I want to follow up on the previous post and encourage you to find a way, as Thoreau did, to get out on the water after dark. It’s not enough to be beside a lake or pond. You have to be floating on it. Sometimes I take my kayak to a local lake just before sunset and paddle into through twilight and watch the stars come out.

You experience things differently that way. It’s a chance to follow the ducks from the marshy cove out into the main body of the lake where they spend the night together, huddled in safety far from shore. And as shadows deepen along shore, your eye is drawn more to details near at hand — the tiny ripples on the water, the way the dip of your paddle becomes more hushed, the way moonlight or even the faintest twilight reflects on the water.

Holmes Lake

Moonrise at Holmes Lake

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